The generations are united by time, by art, by words, by fashion and also by places of opportunity where you can take risks. The Futurama Generation is a collective of young people aged between 15 and 25 years old, with diversified training and coming from different areas, residing in Baixo Alentejo (or with some connection to the region), who spend a few hours of their lives together in conversation, discussion and creation, thus adding to their world the universe of others.

These meetings aim to take the idea and potential of being in contact with each other, even if as far as possible. Art and artistic expressions are the argument that will bring us together, and from which we can talk, laugh, debate, write, build images, gestures, a performance or publications that involve the body and the mind. Taking advantage of the new online technologies that facilitate the meeting at a distance, without neglecting the face-to-face / body-to-body meeting of the group, this collective of young people meets on Saturday afternoons, in a model between the online and face-to-face, with the mediation of the artist Tiago Cadete.

The group designs a laboratory in progress, where artistic exchange and continuous sharing are experienced, in a meeting and intersection space, where all profiles of people are welcome. The project ends with a public presentation on September 18, in Beja, as part of the 1st edition of the Futurama Festival.

Mediation: Tiago Cadete
Consultant: Sara Franqueira

Support: Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Beja

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