As we prepare for the next edition, a look back on the last Futurama Festival

7 short videos take us back to the warming Futurama Festival 2023 and the legacy we left in Baixo Alentejo. For you, which project is the most memorable one?

"The future as a place of belonging" with John Romão and Celina da Piedade, in the second episode of Conversas com Dança

In the second episode of Conversas com Dança – um Podcast PédeXumbo with Tânia Martins Ramos, the interviewer talks to John Romão, artistic director of Futurama - Cultural and Artistic Ecosystem of Baixo Alentejo, and Celina da Piedade, musician, researcher and composer in the Cantexto project.

Tomorrow, the Futurama School returns to Serpa and Beja

On March 5, Portuguese director and playwright Lígia Soares asks "What is that of the contemporary?" to students from Diogo de Gouveia Secondary School and Serpa Secondary School.

This Saturday, December 9, the Constellations land in Castro Verde

How do we recover silence in times of acceleration? This is the question that will guide the conversation at the next Futurama Constellation, with writer, filmmaker and musician Afonso Cruz and representatives of the Banda da Sociedade Recreativa e Filarmónica de Castro Verde.

Serpa on the focus of Futurama on the first weekend of December, also with the Constellation "Whisper"

In addition to the "Cantexto" concert on Friday, the municipality is hosting the next Constellations encounter on Saturday, with representatives from the female musical groups As Ceifeiras de Pias and Sopa de Pedra.

Next week, Serpa welcomes Pedro da Linha, Futurama's resident artist

From November 18, the producer and DJ will be working with youngsters and youth choir groups from the municipality to think about the legacies of Cante Alentejano through the younger generations.

The next Constellation is in Beja, on Saturday September 16th

On September 16th we brought together director and multimedia artist Tânia Dinis and psychiatrist Vasco Nogueira for a special meeting, moderated by Hugo Cruz

Watch now the video of Cantexto concert in Madrid, at the Madrid Book Fair

The Cantexto concert, a project by Futurama, who joins groups of Cante Alentejano (UNESCO Intangible Heritage) and Portuguese writers, was presented at Casa de América, in Madrid, as part of the Madrid Book Fair.

The 2nd edition of Futurama Festival comes to an end

On June 17, we said goodbye to Beja even more certain that new futures are possible and are already blossoming in the present.

Beja is the last destination of Futurama Festival, on June 16 and 17

From Cante Alentejano to queer experimental music, from photography to performance, from North to South, Futurama Festival is getting closer to the grand finale of its 2nd edition.

We say goodbye to Castro Verde, the second stop of Futurama Festival

The Futurama Festival is getting ready for its final weekend, in Beja - but not before reliving the best moments of the programme in Castro Verde.

Castro Verde hosts the Futurama Festival on June 9 and 10

In a weekend of festivities and heat, there are installations, shows, concerts, a Talent Contest, and a new skate park to discover, with free entry, in the municipality.

Futurama Ambassadors invite to Talent Show - register now!

A Talent Show conceived for Futurama Festival by the group of young Futurama Ambassadors with their thinking partner, Gustavo Ciríaco, will be held in Castro Verde and Beja. The competition welcomes all communities, ages and artistic experiences in Baixo Alentejo!

"Corrente", the new creation of John Romão, premieres in Mértola on June 3rd

The show, starring young athletes from the Clube Náutico de Mértola and staged by John Romão, takes place at Cais de Mértola, opposite the Guadiana River, where nautical practice and the relationship of bodies with the river are revealed.

This Saturday: the 2nd edition of Futurama Festival kicks off in Mértola!

Futurama's first internationalisation takes Cante Alentejano and Portuguese literature to two emblematic spaces in the Spanish capital, Parque de El Retiro and Casa de América, during the Madrid Book Fair.

What happens in Baixo Alentejo doesn't stay only in Baixo Alentejo: "Cantexto" travels to the Madrid Book Fair

Futurama's first internationalisation takes Cante Alentejano and Portuguese literature to two emblematic spaces in the Spanish capital, Parque de El Retiro and Casa de América, during the Madrid Book Fair.

In Mértola, we went to the cinema to listen with the resident artist Sofía Montenegro

At Cine-Teatro Marques Duque, in Mértola, Sofía Montenegro presented the sound work process she was developing during her Futurama artistic residency in the region. This time, the audience went to the cinema not to see, but to hear.

#savethedate Futurama Festival returns in the summer of 2023, from June 3 to 17

Mértola, Castro Verde and Beja will host the 2nd edition of the Futurama Festival, which promises to heat up the summer in Baixo Alentejo with about 20 artistic proposals, between concerts, performances, installations and workshops.

Open Call for Futurama Ambassadors

Are you over 15 years old? Do you live in Baixo Alentejo? Are you a curious person, proactive and attentive to the issues of our time? Are you interested in arts (music, drawing, dance, performance and whatever else fits here!)? Then you have everything it takes to belong to the Futurama Ambassadors.

Marc Vives and Gabriela Albergaria share the result of their artistic residencies in Castro Verde

Marc Vives and Gabriela Albergaria, resident artists at Futurama this year, will present on November 3, at 6 pm, the public sharing of two new artistic creations inspired by the local territory, at Centro de Artes e da Viola Campaniça, in Castro Verde.

Into perspective, 2022 and 2023

It was a privilege to bring together so many artists, audiences, partnerships and fundamental support around our program - to all of you, thank you. We will meet again in 2023 next year. Season's Greetings and a great 2023!

Where we will be in 2022

In 2021, we started our activities in the municipalities of Beja, Mértola, Serpa and Castro Verde. This year, the municipality of Vidigueira joins this dialogue that strengthens cultural and territorial ties.

Festival Futurama | First confirmations

Check the first confirmations for the 1st edition of Festival Futurama: Filipe Sambado & Yamila, Wasted Rita, Gaspar Varela & Yerai Cortés, Nídia, Ana Borralho & João Galante...

Unique musical moments in the Constellation with Tó Trips and Ana Santos

In the beautiful setting of the UNESCO Center Logradouro, in Beja, we were in the last Constellation with Tó Trips, Ana Santos and a special guest.

Open Call | Registrations are open for the workshop with Cláudia Dias

Choreographer Cláudia Dias directs a training workshop in Beja in the area of improvisation and composition in contemporary dance, with a final public performance during the Futurama Festival.

Artistic variety marked the Futurama Festival in Serpa

Serpa hosted the Futurama Festival on the 14th and 15th of October, for two days filled with artistic diversity and appreciation of the region's heritage.

Castro Verde was the last stop of the Futurama Festival

The Futurama Festival ended in Castro Verde on the 21st and 22nd of October, between magnetic performances, emotional concerts, the premiere in Portugal of a documentary and, of course, a closing party.

We celebrate one month of the first edition of Futurama Festival

It's been a month since the first edition of Festival Futurama came to an end. There were four intense weekends, with enormous artistic diversity. Watch here a summary of what happened but also of what remains.

Said who — Surma

"I use the voice in this field of exploration, phonetics, sounds and the origin of words", told Surma in the Constellation of Orality that joined her with As Vozes do Cante.

We Are The Revolution

In a celebration of Joseph Beuys, We Are The Revolution is a creative project that brings together music students from the Baixo Alentejo Regional Conservatory and textile students from the António Arroio Art School, in Lisbon. The concert-performance was presented in four different landscapes.

Debate in Évora

On the 21st of June, at the Galeria da Casa de Burgos / DRCA (Évora), we participated in a debate on Cultural Programming in the Alentejo. An organisation of Acesso Cultura with the Regional Directorate of Culture of Alentejo.

Know more about the first Constellation in Mértola

At the first Constellation in Mértola, the Oficina de Tecelagem de Mértola was filled of public for a conversation between the artist Joana Vasconcelos and the weavers Helena Rosa and Fátima Mestre.

Save the dates for Festival Futurama

The 1st edition of the Futurama Festival arrives to celebrate the disciplinary crossings in Mértola, Beja, Serpa and Castro Verde. Full program announced soon.

Festival Futurama debuted in Mértola

Festival Futurama debuted in Mértola. Have a look at what happened.

There were two intensive days in Beja with a diverse program of the Futurama Festival

There were two intensive days in Beja with a diverse program of the Futurama Festival, including workshops, performances, concerts, an installation, films and parties.

Resident artist Sara Anjo shares her artistic research in Serpa

Dancer and choreographer Sara Anjo, resident artist at Futurama this year, shares with the public her artistic research inspired by the local territory. November 23, at 6:30 pm, at Musibéria, in Serpa.

Resident artist Gil Delindro presented his artistic research on native trees in Portugal

In Futurama's artistic residency in Vidigueira, Gil Delindro spent time with primary school students directing a sound art workshop. On the same day, at Teatro Gama Herculano, he also presented to the public his artistic research on the cork oak and native trees in Portugal.

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