"The future as a place of belonging" with John Romão and Celina da Piedade, in the second episode of Conversas com Dança

In the second episode of Conversas com Dança – um Podcast PédeXumbo with Tânia Martins Ramos, the interviewer talks to John Romão, artistic director of Futurama - Cultural and Artistic Ecosystem of Baixo Alentejo, and Celina da Piedade, musician, researcher and composer in the Cantexto project. Both are involved in different educational projects, where they start from the identity, experiences and culture of the place to liberate and renew the formats and structures of the artistic areas, implementing projects in the territory where the crossing of disciplines, coexistence with guest artists and contemporary and experimental artistic practices give future to the creativity of the youngest.
From 6 or 7-minute modas from Alentejo, poems that have recently arrived in the old repertoires to the return of cante bailado, the episode addresses the importance of promoting the meeting between generations for collective creation and empowering younger audiences to reflect, experiment and create new languages, starting from their territory and place of belonging.

Listen to it here.

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