New creations supported by Sementeira - Bolsa de Novas Criações para o Alentejo arrive in Serpa and Mértola

Futurama is teaming up with Sementeira - Bolsa de Novas Criações para o Alentejo to promote and present two new projects conceived for and from Alentejo: "QUE.MIM.ERA" by Chissague Afonso and "WHYTE SHEETS - As Lavadeiras" by ZAYA. The creations premiered in Montemor-o-Novo and are now touring Serpa on 30 June, at Auditório Musiberia, at 6pm; and Mértola on 6 July, at Cineteatro Mina de São Domingos.

"QUE.MIM.ERA", by Mozambican choreographer Chissague Afonso, takes a look at the collective construction of being a woman and the territory of the female body - crossed by various stories of silencing, struggle, labour, rights and freedoms in dispute. "WHITE SHEETS - As Lavadeiras", a creation by ZAYA, a trans artist and activist from Alentejo, looks at the life force of ancestral women, whose stories have been told through the ages. In this process, clothes are washed, suffering is washed and the pain we carry from generation to generation, collectively and individually, is washed away.

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