Cantexto at one of the most important Performing Arts festivals in Portugal

In the year that Cante Alentejano celebrates a decade as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, Futurama continues to expand the legacy and vitality of Alentejo's expression across borders. At one of the country's most important performing arts festivals, the Almada Festival, the Cantexto projects reveals the transversality of Cante in Portuguese history and culture with a free concert on 4 July at 20:30.

In Cantexto, an original project by Futurama - Cultural and Artistic Ecosystem of Baixo Alentejo, contemporary Portuguese writers are invited to compose new modas for choral groups, expanding their traditional repertoires. In each verse, they weave the threads of new people, generations and memories, drawing a bridge between the Portugal of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

At the 41st Almada Festival, as part of the Music on the Esplanade programme, the groups Os Cantadores do Desassossego and Grupo Coral e Etnográfico da Academia Sénior de Serpa will perform lyrics by Valério Romão and Gonçalo M. Tavares, respectively, as well as songs from the Alentejo.

It was also with Cantexto that, last year, Futurama, with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Madrid, took 100 artists - including 6 choral groups from Baixo Alentejo - to an unprecedented show in the Spanish capital. Every year, and every moment, Futurama renews its commitment to boosting local artistic practices and communities, as well as mediatising the symbolic and cultural capital of Baixo Alentejo, promoting new creations inspired by the region, which circulate nationally and internationally. Making the roots ever more ramified, stronger and more fertile.

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