Futurama um is a non-profit cultural project, operated from Beja, capital of Baixo Alentejo region. Implements between different geographies of Baixo Alentejo (Beja, Castro Verde, Mértola, Serpa and Vidigueira) a cultural and artistic ecosystem, transdisciplinary, collaborative and cross-border, through a shared program that brings into dialogue education and arts, contemporary creation and tradition, cultural heritage, schools and universities.

The territory of Baixo Alentejo has a significant set of vestiges of different peoples and cultures, a reflection of the cultural diversity existing today in the experience of its populations. Futurama continues the intercultural and international dialogues that define the history of the region, through the activation of a program that, on the one hand, proposes a deepening of regional identity and, on the other hand, proposes challenging dialogues between tradition, contemporaneity and biodiversity, involving populations and artistic communities in this construction.

The program focuses on 4 interdependent lines: artistic creation residencies, participatory projects, educational and training projects, and a multidisciplinary festival. Fututama invests in the intersections between contemporary and traditional artistic disciplines (visual arts, music, performing arts, cante alentejano, cinema, sound art, weaving, architecture, digital art or crafts), between cultural, natural and heritage spaces (museums, cinematheatres, cultural centers), between educational institutions (higher and secondary schools) and involving different audiences.


Promoting the decentralization of the cultural offer with programming centered on Baixo Alentejo, through creation, production, programming, education and participation activities.

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