Every year, Futurama - Cultural and Artistic Ecosystem of Baixo Alentejo organizes and fosters a regular programme of empowerment, mediation and artistic citizenship strategies with educational, marginalized and deprived communities in Baixo Alentejo. Through the Futurama School, three fundamental questions are raised in these dialogues: What is that of the contemporary? What is needed? What do I have to do with it?

To try to answer the first question, Futurama develops sessions that promote direct dialog between high school students and artists from different fields, the knowledge of their practices and methodologies of their creations, the stimulation of critical thinking and, also, new aesthetic and sensorial experiences.

We think about what is needed with social solidarity institutions, from mediation and empowerment activities with groups, for example, from the Cerebral Palsy Center of Beja, Cercibeja, or the Senior University of Castro Verde.

We also expand these issues through the involvement of Roma communities in Baixo Alentejo, who discover what they have to do with it through formation and artistic creation actions in their neighbourhoods – namely Bairro das Pedreiras, in Beja, and Bairro de São Francisco, in Serpa.

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The programme What is that of the contemporary?, in partnership with the National Arts Plan, is associated with the educational institutions Escola Secundária de Serpa, Escola Secundária Diogo Gouveia, Escola Secundária de Mértola and Escola Secundária de Castro Verde.

What is that of contemporary?

What is needed?

What do I have to do with it?

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