John Romão & Clube Náutico de Mértola | Corrente

Mértola, June 3rd 2023, 20:30h

Where Cais de Mértola
Free entry

Known for his ability to bring together and put in dialogue many diverse elements and references, John Romão develops a visually impactful artistic language that addresses issues of identity, marginality and youth. "Corrente" ("Current") is a performance project created by director John Romão, in dialogue with young athletes from the Clube Náutico de Mértola. Taking place at the Mértola Pier, overlooking the Guadiana River, we discover the nautical practice and the relationship of the bodies with the river, under a new visual and performative perspective. A visual and poetic essay that enters the imaginary wrapped in the magnetism that the river evokes and provokes: gestures, images, choreographies that join Bach with lyrics from the traditional music from Alentejo... A rewriting of the movements of these bodies and of the landscape as we do not know it.


Artistic direction: John Romão
With: Alice Rodrigues, Filipe Mestre, João Teixeira, Lourenço Silva, Tomás Pereira, Francisco Monteiro
Extras: Acácio Água-Doce, José Barahona, Joaquim Falé, José Parreira, Manuel Barahona, Margarida Guerreiro, Marta Valente, Rui Portugal
Creation developed with the participation of: André Jonet, Gonçalo Fernandes, Mário Pardal
Coach: Filipe Correia
Light: Rui Monteiro
Sound: Rui Antunes
Choir's musical adaptation and recording: João Nunes
Choir (recording): Ana Ademar, Clara Palma and Os Cantadores do Desassossego
Set design support: Lázaro Romão
Production: Ana Ademar
Production support: Rita Quadros
Co-production: Colectivo 84, Futurama
Partnership: Clube Náutico de Mértola
Supported by: Municipality of Mértola and Ministry of Culture / General Directorate of Arts
Acknowledgements: Celina da Piedade, Fernanda Mestre

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