Sung in chorus by groups of men and women, Cante Alentejano is a popular manifestation characteristic of the various municipalities in the district of Beja, in Baixo Alentejo. Classified by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, its choirs give off a chilling telluric force.

The project entitled Cantexto fuses the words Cante and texto, by proposing collaborations between choral groups from Alentejo cante and contemporary Portuguese writers. Every year, Futurama commissions the writing of new poems to be set to music and sung by choral groups of Alentejo singing, through different female, male, mixed, adult and young voices, in a representation of the diversity of compositions and genres of the groups from Baixo Alentejo .

Between visits, writings, rehearsals and new musical compositions, Cantexto creates new words, contemporary lexicons that will be presented to the public, through a season of concerts that brings together the eight choral groups, during the Futurama Festival. Futurama also ensures the national and international dissemination of this project, which every year invites new writers to meet with different choral groups.

At the Futurama Festival 2022, writers and Cante Alentejano groups were invited to dialogue with each other, with the writers creating poems for the respective groups: Hélia Correia & Grupo Coral Guadiana, José Luís Peixoto & Grupo Coral de São João dos Caldeireiros, Patrícia Portela & Os Moços da Aldeia, Valério Romão & Cantadores do Desassossego, Matilde Campilho & Coral and Ethnographic Group from Casa do Povo de Serpa, Gonçalo M. Tavares & Coral Group from Academia de Serpa, Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida & As Ceifeiras de Entradas and Tiago Rodrigues & The Gainers of Castro Verde. The musical compositions were in charge of Armando Torrão and Paulo Ribeiro.

At the Futurama Festival 2023, writers Joana Bértholo, Richard Zimler, Regina Guimarães, Ondjaki, Isabela Figueiredo, Afonso Cruz and Marta Pais de Oliveira were commissioned to write poems for the respective Cante Alentejo singing groups: Rosinhas do Loredo, Cantadores de Beringel, Ceifeiras de Pias, Coral and Ethnographic Group from Vila Nova de São Bento, Cardadores da Sete, Choral Group from Mina de S. Domingos and Coral Group from Vidigueira. The composition was in charge of Celina da Piedade, Ana Santos and Paulo Ribeiro.

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