The Constellations are meetings that promote dialogue between contemporary artists and traditional practices from Baixo Alentejo, to reflect and experience intersections around orality, physicality and visuality.

Two invited artists get together for the first time in the presence of the public for a unique session of dialogue around their artistic practices. Conversations, walks, readings, improvisations, performances or unexpected collaborative concerts between the two guests, the Constellations celebrate dialogue, empathy and artistic experimentation generated between two different elements, with the participation of the public.

In each Constellation the public is invited to see and participate in an act of collective construction. More than the presentation of a product, Constellations generate constructions of creative discourses between different experiences, knowledge and practices. You have to see it to believe it and you have to be there to happen!



In the previous Constellations we have presented contemporary artists such as Conan Osiris (songwriter and singer), Fernanda Fragateiro (visual artist), Tânia Carvalho (multidisciplinary artist), Surma (songwriter and singer), Celina da Piedade (singer and songwriter), Tiago Rodrigues (director and playwright), Olga Roriz (choreographer), Mónica Calle (actress and director), António Poppe (poet and visual artist), Carincur (multidisciplinary artist), Marco da Silva Ferreira (choreographer and dancer), Filipe Sambado (composer and singer), Mariana Tengner Barros (choreographer), Maria Reis (singer and composer) or João Pedro Rodrigues and João Rui Guerra da Mata (directors), who established dialogues with representative elements of traditional practices of Baixo Alentejo, such as the Cante Alentejano (Pedro Mestre, Os Cantadores do Desassossego, Moços d'Uma Cana or As Vozes do Cante), traditional Alentejo music (Celina da Piedade and Ana Santos, Os Alentejanos de Serpa, Rui Óscar Teixeira), gypsy music (Davide and Juvenal Canhoto), archeology (Cláudio Torres), rammed earth architecture (Maria da Luz Seixas), ornithology (Hugo Lousa), community gardens (Geraldine Zwanikken and Luís Augusto), handicrafts (Manuel Pica), beekeeping (Manuel Cavaco) and storytellers (Rita Sales and Pedro Bravo).

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